It is an honor for Souza Lima Music Education, Conservatory and College to create Souza Lima Press, and house within our faculty professionals of recognized prestige and talent. Each and every one of them is responsible for developing highly capable methods of music education, through technical and musical nuances, necessary for the intellectual, theoretical and technical growth of the students. Students who seek high quality information, performance opportunities, refinement of their ideas, and living examples on how to trail the career of the professional musician more


The German editing company, Advance Music, is one of the most highly esteemed editors in the world. The books of Souza Lima Editors comprise a part of their catalog and are published in more than five different languages.

Artist Tide Hellmeister is the creator of Souza Lima Editors’ book covers. Known as a master of collage, Tide prints daring and seriousness in her art, very important trademarks of the project.
Modern Improvisation – Volume I

Il is a method book that is rich in content and well structured. It teaches various techniques related to the most spontaneous form of music making: improvisation... More
Melodic Interpretation for the Drums

This book provides a systematics adaptation for drums of concepts typical of melodic instruments... More
Advanced Techniques for Bass in Brazilian Music
After the celebrated "Drumset and Bass in Brazilian Popular Music" (Ed. Lumiar/2003), Gilberto de Syllos shows us, in his new book, a fresh approach to techniques for four, five and six-strings bass, like slap (slap Gilbert), tapping, dead notes... More